When I was younger, I loved God so so much, I could do anything to make sure my lifestyle was one that would please God..

Hmm a lot of things changed when I turned fifteen….

I saw myself drifting away, wanting to join the world. I felt like Christianity was boring, the secular world was lively, fun and beautiful. Life was to be lived well, with a lot of clubbing, night out, parties and that was the life I craved for.

Though my parents were very strict Christians, they made sure we(my sister and I) grew up knowing God, I just wanted to secular life.

I began listening to secular songs, knowing the latest on the billboard  and watching unedifying movies. As a matter of fact, I killed the fear of the Lord in me, I went to church for the sake of going to church every Sunday and midweek services cause my parents were ministers.

Wow, I felt like a big chic! I could flow in any conversation, I knew the latest songs and gossip. Mehn, I was a cool kid (lol).

I felt my life had just begun.

I look back at these years now, and I can not believe it was me..

I could steal from my parents purse and money bag with no remorse whatsoever when confronted.

I even stole twice (#20,000 and #25,000) to buy a Blackberry curve 2, which was the phone of that time, owning one showed you were a big girl and my parents were never going to get me one till I was done with college so stealing was the best choice to flow with the big girls and boys.





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